Want to be a beta reader? Here's how.

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Want to be a beta reader? Here's how.

Post  Dan Christensen on Mon Aug 16 2010, 17:48

Interested in reading my story? Well, first thing you do is to sign up for this site. Then you post a message in this forum stating who you are, and that you would like to be a Beta reader. Since my story is still in its very early stages, I need to be careful who I let become a Beta reader. If I do not accept your request, don't take it personal, you might be included in one of the later stages.

Now, by signing up as a beta reader, you agree to the following:

  • To read the stories and encyclopedia entries I put up on this site.
  • To post thoughts, critique and other insights to all entries.
  • To not reproduce the content here in any form, and to respect my copyright notice.
  • To not show the content here to anyone not a beta reader.

The whole reason for me putting this site up for now is to get feedback on both my writing style and content, but also on the worldbuilding aspects of my story. Being a beta reader is an important position, as you can potentially help shape the final product. Once/if I get this project finished, I intend to try and have it published in some form or another, and with the world building aspects that go into making the Godstar story, it might leave room for sequels or other books set in this universe.

Thank you for your interest.

Dan Christensen

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